Thank you for exploring this way of supporting Unity Center of Peace. Your regular financial gifts help UCP sustain and grow its positive impact in lives of people like you and the world.

Benefits At a Glance

Benefits For YouBenefits For Unity Center of Peace
 You don't have to remember cash or checks when you come.  UCP remains financially sound when you're away.
 You receive regular, electronic records of your gifts.  UCP is better able to budget its finances because of your regular gifts.
 You may be eligible to earn dividends, frequent flyer miles, and other benefits through your bank or credit card issuer.  Your regular giving supports fulfilling the mission and vision of UCP.
Your participation demonstrates your prosperity consciousness and affirms your belief that Spirit is your true source of your supply. Your belief positively impacts others new to Unity Center of Peace and living and abundant life.

How to Give

We have three simple ways to get started. Choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

1. Credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

You choose the frequency and amount, and the system will do the rest.

Earn benefits from your card issuer.

Automatic payments.

Easy to cancel.

Grace period to pay (credit cards).

Need to start your subscription on the day you want it to start.

Sign up - Credit Card/ Debit Card / PayPal

2. Bank or financial institution.

Sometimes called "online bill pay", you can set an automatic, recurring transactions to be sent to UCP.

Automatic payments.

Easy to cancel or adjust.

UCP saves on processing fees.

You must set this up with your financial institution.

3. Other.

We realize that you may have a unique financial situation that doesn't fit with the first two options. Just let us know what that is and how to support you with that in the sign-up form.

Fits your situation You must set this up yourself and maintain it.

Sign up - Bill Pay / Other


Frequently Asked Questions

 Click on the question below to read the answer. These questions mainly pertain to credit card/debit card gifts.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! We use PayPal, a global leader in online payments, to process credit cards and debit cards. From their site:

PayPal developed the world's most advanced proprietary fraud-prevention system to ensure the security of any personal or transactional information in our payment network. We will never share your personal account information with anyone.

When does my Conscious Sustainer Program start?

This applies to those using credit cards or debit cards. It starts when you submit the online sign up form. All future gifts will recur on the same day of the week for weekly or biweekly gift or day of the month for monthly gifts.

How do I know when my next gift will occur?

PayPal will determine your next gift based on your start date. For weekly and biweekly programs, that would be the day of the week. For monthly programs, it would be based on the day of the month. The transfers occur early in the morning.

When will I know that my account has been charged?

 You will receive an email from when your account is charged. You can also log into your PayPal account to see when your next gift will be processed in your account.

How do I change credit cards?

You can do this by loggin into your PayPal account and going to your Preapproved Payments.

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Can I stop my Conscious Sustainer gifts through PayPal?

Absolutely.  You can stop it anytime. You have several ways available:  
  1. Online by using the instructions in your emailed receipt.  Click here to log into PayPal
  2. Contact our bookkeeper or office manager via email or phone (919-968-1854).
  3. Click the following button to start that process:

Can someone help me with this?

Yes, Chris Egle is available. You can email him () or speak to him in person at Unity Center of Peace.

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